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Best of the San Soo Journal - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Best of the San Soo Journal

$ 29.95

Volume 1 - Contains Vol.1, Issues 1-4, and Vol.2, Issue 1

The San Soo Journal was a magazine that was published for five years about this formerly secret art which was taught only to the elite in China. While others in classical Kung Fu stood postures for years and only learned portions of combat, the people of San Soo specialized in total combat. Their fighting skills are legendary! Many top Masters contributed to this magazine and now you can get five informative issues in one book.

132 pages

From the Publisher
Master Ron Gatewood, a Senior Master in the art of Kung Fu San Soo, diligently recorded vital kung fu information in the San Soo Journal. You can save time and money while you increase your fighting skills and knowledge. This information is valuable for any fighter - regardless of art or style.

From the Author
To date only those who subscribed to the San Soo Journal received this information so I have taken the best articles and put them into book form so it can be passed on to you. Now you can add this valuable information to your arsenal and benefit from time-tested knowledge. I hope you enjoy this book!

About the Author
Master Ron Gatewood is the author of "Kung Fu San Soo: Secret Art of the Fighting Monks" and "Kung Fu San Soo's Basic 45 Lessons". He studied over twenty-eight years with Grand Master Woo and is one of the most Senior Masters in the Art. He teaches privately in the San Diego Area and via correspondence instruction throughout the world.

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