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Voice Skills for Actors - Vocalization & Singing Skills - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Voice Skills for Actors - Vocalization & Singing Skills

$ 24.95

Critical skills for voice projection and tonality. Do you get winded while giving a presentation? Voice wavers when speaking and trying to think about your next sentence? do others hear you the way you think they do? Learn superior Breath Control and Vocal Support. Develop better Pitch and professional Tone Quality. Make your voice sound more convincing and even exciting and interesting to listen to.

Skills for Actors offers you the unique experience of learning the professional physical skills from the top instructors who have trained A-list actors in numerous films and TV shows. You will discover that it is one thing to learn a skill, quite another when you are learning from the best.

A few examples of what will be covered in this program are:

  • Mastering techniques the "Pro's" use
  • Cultivating healthy voice protection habits
  • Strengthening & Developing your voice
  • Improving your speaking and singing voice
 The techniques are thoroughly broken down and explained. Anyone can learn them!

Eric Vetro is an internationally acclaimed Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach who has trained award-winning actors and singers, preparing them for recordings, movies, TV and Broadway stage.

Approx. 135 minutes

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