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Defensive Tactics - Homeland Defense Series 4 DVD - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Defensive Tactics - Homeland Defense Series 4 DVD

$ 14.95

Defensive Tactics with Jennifer Cassetta  DVD

He crossed the line into your personal space, and you're not comfortable...  Now what?

Defensive Tactics is designed for women who enjoy being a woman and have control of their own lives.  However, looking confident and being confident are two different matters when personal boundaries are crossed and when threatened with violence or attacked.  Every woman can learn the five basic techniques to get out of a bad situation.  No matter what you wear, your size and weight, your physical strength, or how safe you feel, every woman can learn to use their body to create distance, maximum damage, and time to escape.

Defensive Tactics:
        -  Leveraging 
        -  Center of Gravity
        -  Creating Distance
        -  Soft Target Areas
        -  Hands and Knees
        -  Strikes and Blocks

Learn the 4 common attacks every woman is vulnerable to:

1. The guy who seems normal, but suddenly grabs you inappropriately.
2. The guy you didn't think was violent, but suddenly throws a hook punch to your head.
3. The guy that surprises you by attacking or choking you from behind.
4. The guy you see coming and know he will attack at any moment.

Approximately 65 minutes

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