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KaJuKenBo Instructional Seminar Vol. 1 DVD - Valley Martial Arts Supply

KaJuKenBo Instructional Seminar Vol. 1 DVD

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Kajukenbo - Ohana Unity Seminar Series, Vol.1 DVD

Kajukenbo International - San Diego (KISD), in conjunction with the "Expose the Root Project" is honored and privileged to have hosted a historical Kajukenbo event in San Diego (May 2013).

For the first time together and in continuation with the Southern California KISD 'Ohana Unity Seminar Series, we present a groundbreaking seminar to showcase the roots of the Kajukenbo Self-Defense system. The following Grand Masters and Masters were all carefully hand-selected to present their unique and personal craft in progressing Kajukenbo, as all have embraced for many years the deep roots and ties within the Hawaiian Fighting Arts. We present the lineages of Sijo Adriano D. Emperado.

Chief Yutthana 'Toki' Tokijkla - Fan Theory & Striking Combinations
Professor Ron King - Open Handed Techniques / Vital Striking Points
Sigung/Guro Marlo 'Lou' Faralan - Jiujitsu/ Joint Locking Manipulation
Grand Master Rick Kingi - Quick & Dirty Street Self-Defense
Grand Master Gary Forbach - Original Kajukenbo Methods 'Grab & Punch' Arts
Grand Master George Lim - CHA-3 Concepts/"Feeling the Intent of the Technique"
Sr. Professor Patrice Lim - Foundation of 'Grab & Punch' Art Combinations
Chief Chaz Siangco - CQC Eskrima Blended with Kajukenbo Concepts

Approximately 75 minutes long

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