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Women's Chang Chuan Illustrated - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Women's Chang Chuan Illustrated

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Kwan-Dao (gisarme) is one of the long and heavy weapons of Chinese Wushu. It is used by various schools of Chinese martial arts in both the southern and northern regions of China in the technic exercises.

Kwan-Dao play has its basic unified styles and features in its movements and functions.
In the composition of this series of Kwan -Dao play, stress is laid on the coherent changes of movements by means of limbering up various joints in combination with the different changes of footwork. With the addition of the concentration of attention, every pan of a trainer's body can be fully trained so as to have the effect of building up his or her strength and promoting health.

The combination of Kwan-Dao play and the footwork has the function of both attack and defence with the stress laid on the self defence which can also be changed into attack at any time. For example, the changing movements in "the sparring exercises of a Kwan-Dao with a cudgel ", "the sparring exercises of a Kwan-Dao with two short-handled broadswords" and "the sparring exercises of a Kwan-Dao with a three-section cudgel can be used for both training and actual combat.

Consequently, this book is entitled "Kwan-Dao" and it is suitable for the fans' training and study. However, the editor has limited knowhow, it is hoped that the broad readers would kindly make their good suggestions for future supplement and improvement.

To Sum
In December, 1983.

297 pages

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