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Martial Arts Equipment - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Thanks to all our friends for your unwavering support. We have seen unprecedented growth over the past couple of years. Many events have been rough on our United States of America, but we are all standing strong. We have even more of what all of you are telling us you want. Mainly, even more technical training and historical books and videos that cover the less well known aspects of the more serious martial arts. For example; Kung Fu San Soo, Muay Thai, African Martial Arts, Aikijutsu, Escrima, Bagua Zhang, Capoeira, Ninpo Taijutsu, Shinkendo, and many more. The best place to find martial arts supplies. You can also visit our martial arts equipment store to find all martial arts supplies you need.  

For those that are new to Valley Martial Arts Supply, let me tell you a little about us.


  • We have been providing martial arts equipment and supplies to Students and Masters since 1976.



  • We provide equipment and supplies for ALL the martial arts.



  • We carry legitimate martial arts equipment.


    We have a selection of over 4000 (yes, that's four thousand) products. Everything from uniforms to books, gloves, mouthguards, knives, swords and hand forged weapons. However, it will take a while before we actually put all of them on the web site. If you can't find it, or think it might actually exist, contact us and we either have it or can get it for you.

    We normally ship by 3-day ground unless asked to do otherwise, or we find that another service will be more efficient and effective for our customers. We ship worldwide by the most economical, yet insured and traceable means for the peace of mind of you, our customer.

    For whatever your martial arts needs are, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: RKosche@ValleyMartialArts.com, by telephone (818) 769-0436, or by fax (818) 769-3257.