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About Us

Thanks to all our friends for your unwavering support. We have seen unprecedented growth over the past couple of years. Many events have been rough on our United States of America, but we are all standing strong.

We have even more of what all of you are telling us you want. Mainly, even more technical training and historical books and videos that cover the less well known aspects of the more serious martial arts. For example; Kung Fu San Soo, Muay Thai, African Martial Arts,Aikijutsu, Escrima, Bagua Zhang, Capoeira, Ninpo Taijutsu, Shinkendo, and many more.

For those that are new to Valley Martial Arts Supply, let me tell you a little about us.

  • We have been providing martial arts equipment and supplies to Students and Masters since 1976.
  • We provide equipment and supplies for ALL the martial arts.
  • We carry legitimate martial arts equipment.

We have a selection of over 5,000 (yes, that's five thousand) products. Everything from uniforms to books, gloves, mouth guards, knives, real combat weaponry (both Asian and Western) and other hand forged weapons. However, it will take a while before we actually put all of them on the web site. If you can't find it, or think it might actually exist, contact us and we either have it or can get it for you.  We still have over 10,000 items that are not on this website!

We have been chosen to provide weaponry, clothing, and set dressing for some really great movies, television programs and commercials.  Here is a partial list of where you will find our products and services


Hell Dorado

        – plastic guns, Body Opponent Bags, sparring gear

Kill Bill

        – kick pads, focus mitts, many swords, bokken, shinai, shoes, stars, spikes shoto

The Last Samurai

        – shoes, Katana’s, bokken, mats, foam bokken

DareDevil – plastic guns, Electra’s Sai weapons

Matrix 2 & 3 – judo uniforms, kung fu uniforms

Austin Powers 3 – mini swords, sparring gear, shinai, mouth guards

Torque – many knives, balisong butterfly knives

Spiderman – Ka-Bar knives

Planet of the Apes – Chinese broadswords, spear heads, big knives, tridents, blowguns, staffs, gloves, head gear

Ali – boxing gloves, lots and lots of handwraps, rosin, rolls and rolls of boxing tape, boxing headgear, mouth guards

Kung Pao – lots and lots of kung fu uniforms, shoes, Chinese weapons

Daddy Day Care – kung fu uniforms and shoes

Anger Management – kung fu uniforms, shaolin monk shoes

The Karate Kid & Karate Kid 3– “the” Karate Kid headband was just a casual suggestion and they bought it from us, karate gi’s

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1, 2 & 3 – ninja tabi, stars, nunchaku, sai, staffs

The Far Side of the World – ninja swords

Beverly Hills Ninja – Ninja To (sword), uniforms, sai, shinai, belts, caltrops, and a very large customized ninja uniform

3 Ninjas – spikes, uniforms, sai, shuriken, tonfa, tabi, tashibishi, kama

Jingle All The Way – uniforms, sparring gear

Joe Somebody – uniforms

Shanghai Noon – uniforms, sparring gear, weapons

Shanghai Nights – uniforms, sparring gear, swords


Television and Commercials:

Power Rangers – shinai, sai, bokken, gi’s, Chinese broadswords

Birds of Prey – shuriken, throwing knives, nunchaku, bokken, shinai

VIP – throwing knives, katana, broadswords, tantos, custom made floor mats

Charmed – knee pads, shuriken and knives, throwing spikes

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – heavy bags, gloves, mouthguards, throwing knives, chest protectors

Martin – karate gi’s and belts

Angel – throwing knives and mouthguards

Jackass – mini Mowashi (Sumo wrestling diapers) and karate gi’s, bokkens

Martial Law – 3-sectional staffs, shuriken, broadswords, kung fu silk uniforms, throwing knives

Walker Texas Ranger – Chinese broadswords, shuriken, throwing knives

Wheezer:  Hash Pipes – mowashi sumo diapers

Justin Timberlake – nunchaku, throwing stars, picture frames, weapon targets

The Chair – ninja uniforms, bokkens

Smash Ball – sparring head gear, mouthguards

Enough – gloves, shoes, hitting bags, hand wraps

Nightmare Room – shuriken

MacDonald’s – karate uniforms, belts, posters, belt displays

Reebok – boxing shorts, mouth guards, gloves

Gatorade – boxing shorts, mouth guards, gloves, wraps

Merryl Lynch – uniforms, Chinese Broadswords

Nintendo Shinobi – head gear, wrist wrap gloves, shinai, shin pads, sparring gear, chest protector, hakama pants, ninja hoods

X-Files – shuriken, knives, pocket knives, stiletto spike, expandable batons

Cats & Dogs – uniforms of various types (we have 50 different types of uniforms)

Star Trek: Enterprise – bokkens, shinai, action flex, escrima sticks

Xena – throwing knives, spikes

Art of War – blue uniforms, puzzle mats, red uniforms, black belts, ninja gi’s, tabi, karate pants

Mateo Industries – throwing knives, shuriken, knives, bahtlef, balisong

You Gotta See This – FIST padded full combat suit

Magnificent 7 – uniforms, belts


For whatever your martial arts needs are, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: RKosche@ValleyMartialArts.com, by telephone (818) 769-0436, or by fax (818) 769-3257.