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Mastering The Bullwhip - Vols. 3 & 4 - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Mastering The Bullwhip - Vols. 3 & 4

$ 59.95

Mastering the Bullwhip, Volumes 3 & 4, From Practice to Performance, with Anthony De Longis.
     De Longis shares the secrets learned during his 40+ years as a professional martial arts teacher and performer.  He has trained with such greats as Fencing Master and Olympian Ralph Faulkner and Martial Arts legend, Guro Dan Inosanto and worked with many stars, including Michelle Pfeiffer, Harrison Ford, Placido Domingo, and Anjelica Huston.
    The chapters are designed as a series of progressive one-on-one lessons to train yourself to confident excellence, and develop superior skills essential to your career as a professional whip artist.

Mastering the Bullwhip, Volumes 3 & 4  is a continuation of the basics of the bullwhip featuring the De Longis rollling style, and skills useful for performance on the ground and on horseback.  Lessons in the 2-volume set include:

  • Bullet The eight angles
  • Bullet Energizing the Whip and flow
  • Bullet Direct, compound & Windmill Throws
  • Bullet Repeating the line
  • Bullet Body Wrap variations
  • Bullet Carries and Putaways
  • Bullet Targeting Structure
  • Bullet Static Target Practice & Partner Targeting
  • Bullet Partner Envelopments
  •    Bullet Ground Preparation with a Horse
  • Bullet Horse Preparation from the Saddle
  • Bullet Mounted Whip Patterns
  • Bullet Targets from Horseback

  • Special features, including the Bullwhip Tango and Fire Whips

  • With over 3-1/2 hours of content, these lessons in the De Longis Rolling Loop system will help you build the skills necessary to work with both human and equine partners with safety, style, skill, precision, and showmanship.
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