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African Purpleheart Bokken - Valley Martial Arts Supply

African Purpleheart Bokken

$ 149.95

I love the look and feel of Purpleheart wood, but it is extremely difficult to work with.  It chips, it fights, it dulls tools, heats up quickly under sandpaper and dulls it very quickly also.  If you put just the slightest of too much oil it dries to a lump that has to be sanded off aggressively.

But, the results are absolutely beautiful.  The bright purple color is the natural color of the wood.  No stains or dyes.  However, it does darken with age, especially if left in the sunlight.

It is very hard to work with, temperamental, but I love the results.


Not recommended for contact against other woods.  Well, it can be used against other woods, it is very hard, but you will likely destroy the other person's bokken and they will be very unhappy with you.  And, it most definitely will crack a skull, but remember that these are natural products and they can break and may have internal flaws no one can guarantee against.

Length: 30"

Width: 1 1/2"

Thickness: 7/8"

Weight: 1 pound 2 ounces

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