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Ark Wong and 1968 Kung Fu Exhibition - Rare Footage DVD - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Ark Wong and 1968 Kung Fu Exhibition - Rare Footage DVD

$ 34.95

Very rare footage of the 1st Kung Fu Exhibition in the United States.

The Kung Fu Exhibition was done in San Francisco on April 6, 1968.  You see great demonstrations of rarely ever seen in public forms and mixed sets.

Although this is a short video it does cover a lot of territory.

* Double Sword demonstration Thailand
* Grand Master Ping, at over 90 years old, demonstrates Hung Gar and we get a glimpse of   Mr. Ping suspended between chairs and taking hits to the stomach - at 92 years old!
* Choy Lay fut forms
* Praying Mantis forms, double sets, and more
* Very rarely seen Elephant Dance form
* Snake Form
* Northern Style Kung Fu demonstrations
* Master Y.C. Wong (producer of the event) performing a very aggressive Double Chain Whip form which seriously puts everything else we have seen to shame.
* Sticky Hands forms set
* Master Y C Wong performs a two person staff fighting form set
* Wing Chun Sticky Hands demonstration
* Chinese Broadsword single sword form
* Kwan Dao form
* Hung Gar forms
* Two - Person Kung Fu step

Finally we also get to see some very rare footage of Ark Wong himself demonstrating in his early 60's.  Ark Wong was one of the first Masters daring to teach non-Chinese people the art of Kung Fu.

Master Ark Wong personally performs:

* Tiger Form
* Crane Form
* Dragon Form
* Combined Dragon & Snake Form
* Kung Fu applications
* Application of one person defending against two attackers
* One person with sword defending against two attackers with swords

In total, less than 19 minutes of rare footage, but it does cover a lot of information.

-- Please be aware that these are made form old historical footage and are not of the best quality.  We are fortunate to have this footage survive the ravages of time.

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