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Bruce Lee "Enter The Dragon" Han's Tournament Patch - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Bruce Lee "Enter The Dragon" Han's Tournament Patch

$ 9.95

We are aware that times are hard, but some of our customers are still die-hard fans and want this in their collections or to actually put on their uniform or make a costume.   So here you go, just the patch.  No card, not signature, just this beautifully detailed custom "Enter The Dragon" Han's Tournament patch. 


“Gentlemen, welcome.  You honor our island.  I look forward to a tournament of truly epic proportions.”

     This is the real thing, no fake imitations here.  We remade this patch with extremely high quality materials to exact proportions.  We even added our very own, proprietary, heat activated sealant on the back so you can heat iron it onto your uniform.

     When John Saxon saw these he was astonished as to the quality and perfection.  John Saxon really enjoyed seeing and handling these.  It brought back fond memories for him.  He is such a nice guy, that alone was worth making them.  

     Pictures do not do this patch justice.  You have to feel them and see them for yourself to see the high quality and amount of detail that went into them.  Sure, they will be pirated copies out there that will be cheaper.  But you know what?  They will never replicate these in this much detail.  You want to know why?  Because they were just too expensive to make them correctly.  No one else is as fanatical as we are and will never put that much effort and money into them.

     That means, we may never make these again.  Get them while there are still a few available.

Patches measure a generous 5 inches by 3.5 inches and are the exact specifications as in the movie.

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