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Close Quarters Solutions DVD - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Close Quarters Solutions DVD

$ 29.95

     Most Martial Artists train in open spaces that lack barriers or the tripping hazzards that tend to litter the real world, such as small spaces, chairs and even other people.

     Most are not prepared to engage in combat when severely limited in terms of space.

     Close Quarters Solutions is designed to integrate into your existing Martial Arts base.  For those without existing Martial Arts knowledge, the first program on this four part DVD is a simple primer that anyone can master and use as a base for the later, more advanced, techniques.  The program starts with simple striking, deflection, and take down techniques before moving to weapon defense and offense.

     The final section deals with armed and unarmed lethal techniques.  These techniques are demonstrated for educational purposes only.

Four (4) programs on one DVD.
Volume 1 - Basic Self Defense
Volume 2 - Confined Space Confrontations
Volume 3 - Basic Weapons Self Defense
Volume 4 - Crippling and Killing Techniques

Great on at least two fronts;

1 - Great for those wanting to learn basic moves that apply in all self-defense situations and styles, and

2 - Crippling and killing techniques are shown and taught, so that you know how to defend against them.

Approximately 84 minutes

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