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Gene Lebells Handbook of Judo by Gene Lebell (1996) - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Gene Lebells Handbook of Judo by Gene Lebell (1996)

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 A Step-by-Step Guide To Winning In Sport Judo. Written by Gene Lebell. This volume, originally published in 1962, was "Judo" Gene LeBell's first book. The basics are covered briefly, and most of the volume is concerned with covering competition techniques and theories, with clear illustrations to explain the dynamics of each move along with precise narrative. Among others, LeBell expounds upon the Triangle Theory (pg 98), The Outrigger Theory (pg 99), counters, fakes, transitions, an entire chapter devoted to grapevines (immobilizing the lower body), strangles, locks, and true to the spirit of a practical nuts-and-bolts fighter like LeBell, a chapter on banned techniques entitled " 'Necking' Not Allowed/Noncompetitive Neck Locks", and another on banned leg locks. This book is in essence a primer on grappling, more than simply a text on competitive judo. Despite having been originally published over 40 years ago, you will find that the tactics covered in this volume are still relevant and effective in todays world -- and that many of the techniques people credit to Brazilian jiu-jitsu were being used in the US of A long before the Gracies first set foot over here.

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