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Grand Master's 1974 "Gold Classic" DVD - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Grand Master's 1974 "Gold Classic" DVD

$ 39.95

   This rare DVD brings together some of the Great Masters of all times.  In this DVD you will see them not only demonstrate, but also discuss their martial art system and personal background.

     Starting is GM Ed Parker, the father of American Kenpo.  Followed by the founder of the the Lima Lama system, the great Tino Tuiolosega.  Next is the founder of Kung Fu San Soo, the prominent GM Jimmy H. Woo.  After is GM Ark Wong, famous for his five animal styles and first to teach non-Chinese students.  From the IBM school is GM Richard Bustillo, a JKD and Philippine martial arts teacher.  And finally we have GM Hayward Nishioka, Judo champion and Karate legend Takayuki Kubota.

This DVD is a Gold Classic of GM icons.  These are legendary men who made history all over the world with their martial art contributions.  Don't miss seeing and hearing how it all began.  A must for all martial artists.

1 hour and 46 minutes

-- Please be aware that these are made form old historical footage and are not of the best quality. We are fortunate to have this footage survive the ravages of time.

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