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Knife Throwing 101 - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Knife Throwing 101

$ 24.95

     Make the leap from beginner to expert with this instructional knife throwing video by professional knife thrower Jack Dagger.   Featuring thorough demonstrations of proper form and multiple techniques, this DVD will leave you feeling confident and satisfied.

     Quickly learn the most effective knife throwing system in four easy steps while picking up secrets and tips about accurate throwing, competitions, common mistakes and much more.

     With the Knife Throwing 101 DVD, you'll impress your friends with professional stunts seen on television and you'll never doubt your knife throwing abilities again. 

Here are just a few of the throwing secrets, tips and tricks you'll learn from watching this DVD:
• The simplest, most effective throwing system ever
• Learn the easiest to remember grip, stance, wind up and delivery
• Safety tips to ensure the protection of you, your family and friends
• Learn different targets to construct and backboard designs
• Learn the advantages of the handshake grip
• How to adjust for more accurate and successful throwing
• Competition Throwing
• The Seven [most] Frequently Encountered Problems (FEPs)
• Target Construction and Knife Selection
• 2 ways of mounting your targets
• Follow these simple tips and techniques and you will be sticking more knives
• Ways to correct the most common throwing mistakes
• Several professional stunts including outlining an assistant, the balloon pop, and cutting a flower from an assistants mouth
• And we can't forget about the most amazing stunt of all... The Jack Knife - Cucumber Slice (as seen on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien) which only Jack can do!

     Finally, an instructional video that is guaranteed to teach you the simplest, most effective throwing system ever!  Just follow the 4 easy steps that make up the system and you'll be on your way to sticking any knife from any distance.

By World Champion and Professional Knife Thrower; Jack Dagger

    Champion Speed and Tomahawk thrower and was given the National Knife Throwing Entertainer of the Year Award 3 times.

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