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Kung Fu San Soo - Secret Art of the Fighting Monks - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Kung Fu San Soo - Secret Art of the Fighting Monks

$ 49.95

Master Tim Cartmell
This book should prove interesting to the reader unfamiliar with Kung Fu San Soo as well as the dedicated practitioner, who may find familiar concepts presented in a different light.

Master Bill Lasiter
Unless you have seen a San Soo fighter move and the power they can generate, it's hard to describe it to someone. Photos and words can't really describe the beauty of our Art, but there are people, like Ron, that can almost make you feel you were there when it happened.

Book Description
This book introduces you to the devastating and practical art of Kung Fu San Soo. You'll learn about using your subconscious, making every punch count, the practical kicks of San Soo, the fighting "sounds", fighting multiple opponents, and more.

131 pages

About the Author
Master Ron Gatewood is the editor of the San Soo Journal and has dedicated over thirty years to the study of Kung Fu San Soo under Grand Master Jimmy H. Woo. He possesses the largest film and video collection on Kung Fu San Soo in existence.

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