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Mad dog MIRAGE-X EOD Ceramic Hunter Knife, Military/L.E. - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Mad dog MIRAGE-X EOD Ceramic Hunter Knife, Military/L.E.

$ 2,995.00

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This is a mint Ceramic composite Mirage-X EOD knife made by Mad Dog (Kevin McClung).

It is designed for Law Enforcement / covert operations and is magnetically inert. The blade is made of ceramic and will not set off any metal detectors. Mad Dog knives are extremely well made and intended for the professional--those whose very lives may depend on the durability of their knife.

 The blade has a black coating that is molecularly bonded to the blade material that makes the blade abrasion resistant and gives it low reflectivity. It is MD Labs proprietary Fusion Coating that is applied at over 1800 degrees Fahrenheit (making it as hard as quartz, which is still softer than the Mirage-X ceramic composite material).

 The Mirage-X EOD has superior edge holding capabilities (60x better than steel).  MIRAGE is actually an acronym that stands for Magnetically Inert Radically Advanced Galvanically Exempt material.

 This knife is in mint condition and still has its factory edge. The knife includes the Mad Dog Kydex sheath.

Note:  Please be aware that Mad Dog made these knives with a functional edge.  Meaning, they were designed specifically for the military and for actual, hard use in the field.  What does that mean?  Well, for one thing, it means the edge is not extremely narrow.  For an edge to be "hair shaving" sharp the profile of the edge must be narrow, but that makes it brittle at the same time (this is true also for any steel knife).  Hence, when you get this knife if will not "feel" sharp like what you may be used to.  It will not shave paper, or shave hair off your arm; it is not supposed to.  It is meant to have a sturdy edge that will hold up to hard use and do what a field knife is supposed to do.

You can put an extremely keen edge on it, but make sure you know what you are doing before you do. 

 ***Please be aware of your local laws before you buy this knife. Make sure you are permitted to carry this knife. Seller takes no responsibility if the knife owner breaks the law***

Please examine the pictures carefully.  They are part of the description.

Overall length: 10.25"

Blade length: 5.75"

Blade width: 1.125"

Blade thickness: 0.25" 

Weight: 6 ounces

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