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Martial Arts Skills for Actors DVD - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Martial Arts Skills for Actors DVD

$ 29.95

The Skills for Actors series is the ultimate resource for any actor, business person, or curious individual. Movement & angles for the screen, basic kicks, punches and blocks, acrobatics, throws, take-downs and more.

Skills for Actors offers you the unique experience of learning the professional physical skills from the top instructors who have trained A-list actors in numerous films and TV shows. You will discover that it is one thing to learn a skill, quite another when you are learning from the best.

A few examples of what will be covered in this program are:

  • Movement & Angles for the screen
  • Basic Kicks, Punches and Blocks
  • Basic Martial Arts Acrobatics
  • Throws & Take-downs

The techniques are thoroughly broken down and explained. Anyone can learn them!

Omar Guerrero is a 2-time World Champion in the National Black Belt League and has trained numerous actors for films and stunt work.

Approx. 95 minutes

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