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Modern Bushido - Samurai Teachings for Modern Times - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Modern Bushido - Samurai Teachings for Modern Times

$ 39.95

Modern Bushido: Samurai Teachings For Modern Times by Toshishiro Obata

Renowned not only for their military prowess and skill with the sword but also as leaders, artists, intellectuals, writers, and philosophers, the samurai reigned over Japan for the better part of a thousand years, and their legacy survives in various forms today, not the least of which is bushido, the Way of the Samurai.  In Modern Bushido, renowned swordsman and author Obata Toshishiro revives and renews the teachings of the samurai, exploring their modern relevance and crystallizing them within his own lifelong experience studying the Japanese warrior arts. By studying this ancient approach to living, we can discover truths and insights that are no less valuable today than they were centuries ago, and can come to understand how the way the samurai lived their lives can enrich and elevate our own.


232 pages

1.45 lbs.; 6" x 9"

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