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Smart Street Defense  DVD - HD1 with Ray Ellingsen - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Smart Street Defense DVD - HD1 with Ray Ellingsen

$ 34.95

World events have heightened the awareness of the need for individuals to have a greater knowledge of defensive skills.  The Homeland Defense Series was created to teach both Law Enforcement and the general public how to successfully defend themselves against both armed and unarmed assailants.

 In this three episode DVD, you will learn a wide variety of  skills ranging from creating weapons from every day objects to stopping aggressors, with easy to learn and effective techniques.  In addition, Law Enforcement Professionals as well as top Martial Artists give their perspective on staying safe in today’s tough world.

Skills and Topics Covered

Defensive Tactics
• Balance Control    • Blocks, Strikes, and Parries    • Joint Locks and Manipulation
• Chokes, Takedowns, Traps and Throws

Defensive Awareness
• Heightened Observation Skills    • Gauging Threats and Distance
• Disorientation and Distraction Techniques • Defensive Body Language

Defensive Improvised Weapons
• Homemade Self Defense Weapons    • Jackets as Defensive and Offensive Tools
• Canes, Umbrellas, and Other Everyday    Objects as Defensive Weapons

About the Instructor:
Ray Ellingsen has been a tactical defense instructor for both law enforcement personnel and civilians for the past 15 years.  He has worked in executive protection and has been a consultant for security groups addressing issues of use of force and vicarious liability.

Approximately:  120 minutes

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