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Tanto, Santa Maria/Rosita Wood - Valley Martial Arts Supply

Tanto, Santa Maria/Rosita Wood

$ 40.00

I make these myself using all natural products.  I was on a short term mission trip to Honduras and I asked the locals what kind of wood is popular for fine wood products.  One of the pastors gave me this piece of really pinkish colored wood.  He called it Santa Maria or also known as Rosita wood (which makes sense because Rosita can mean the color Pink in Spanish).  I could not bring any large pieces in my luggage so this size is really all I could make with the little bit that I brought back with me.

Length: 13.19" (13-3/16")

Width: 1.13" (1-1/8")

Thickness: 0.75" (3/4")

Weight: My scale could not register it.  It is very light in the hand, so I am guessing about 1 ounce or 2.


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